RAISE Manchester: Connecting Communities

Summary of Public Comments

December 7, 2022 – Public Information Meeting

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, more than 100 residents gathered at the Manchester City Library to review RAISE Manchester designs, speak with engineers and ask questions before a formal presentation by the Manchester Department of Public Works in the library auditorium.

Public meeting inside the auditorium

Following the presentation, members of the public were invited to ask questions or offer their feedback on the current designs. The interactions were constructive, and the city recorded each of the comments, concerns and questions, offered verbally or in writing, for further consideration and study.

Public Meeting Photo

Below are some of the most common themes and recommendations that were raised during the meeting.

  • Ensure bike lanes are safely designed, wide enough and separate from pedestrian sidewalks
  • Provide more clarity on bicycle and pedestrian routes, and how bicyclists and pedestrians will use proposed bridges
  • Design equitable bicycle and pedestrian options that do not prioritize vehicle traffic
  • Incorporate the existing rail corridors and the Manchester bike plan
  • Improve sidewalk quality and safety in the connected areas
  • Create a plan to maintain existing and future infrastructure
  • Clear snow from sidewalks, bike trails and pedestrian bridges
  • Meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards when designing new infrastructure
  • Install more than adequate lighting for all pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists
  • Consider design measures to prevent homeless encampments around new bridges
  • Consider mitigation for any increase in traffic noise at nearby residences
  • Consider prevention and maintenance of increased risk of graffiti on new bridges
  • Analyze needs for upgraded traffic signals, and sensors for bicyclists
  • Add some bicycle parking racks
  • Provide clear signage for all users to avoid confusion and ensure safety
  • Soften hard turns in ramp and pedestrian bridge designs to make it easier for bicycles and wheelchairs to navigate

If you have comments or questions, it’s not too late to send those to project leaders. You can Contact Us by email or phone.