Project Overview

The RAISE Manchester project is an ambitious transportation infrastructure improvement plan that spans the city’s Downtown, Millyard and South Commercial District. It is comprised of four main components, each designed to improve connectivity, enhance traffic flow and safety and fill gaps in the area’s pedestrian and alternative transportation options.

In November 2021, Manchester won a $25 million federal Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant to fund this project. In addition, the city is supporting the project with $5 million.

Photo of the MHT Map Area

The four main components of RAISE Manchester: Connecting Communities are:

  1. A new pedestrian bridge over Granite Street to connect Commercial and South Commercial streets.
  2. A new roadway called “South Commercial Street Extension” and multimodal bridge over the CSX railroad tracks behind the Delta Dental Stadium to improve the connection between the east and west sides of the tracks, alleviate traffic congestion on Granite Street during peak times and provide alternative access to Elm Street. This will also include a shared-use path for cyclists and pedestrians.
  3. A new roadway connector and multimodal bridge called “Gas Street Extension” between where South Commercial Street Extension meets Elm Street that will cross over the abandoned railroad right-of-way to Willow Street. In conjunction, the city will convert the railroad right-of-way to a paved rail trail for bicycle and pedestrian use.
  4. A “peanut roundabout” at the South Willow Street and Queen City Avenue intersection, replacing a signalized intersection, to improve mobility and safety at this location.
Four Primary Projects

RAISE Manchester Goals

  • Reconnect South Millyard area to the rest of the city

  • Revitalize the Millyard and Downtown areas

  • Increase vehicular and pedestrian safety

  • Reduce traffic congestion into the project area

  • Leverage private investment by building infrastructure to make redevelopment attractive